• Sept. 27 Chapter Program: Restoration Architect’s Perspective of Common Prob
    Klein and Hoffman Architects will share some of re-occurring issues found in Chicago buildings along with some of the one of a kind “OMG” issues they’ve observed over their three decades of work in this field. The goal for this program is for the audience to gain awareness that even the simplest oversights during the design and construction of a building can result in an issue for building owners.
  • Sept. 30: Meet the Reps Roundtable: Tile Setting Systems
    This new series of roundtables will give you the opportunity to get to know three local representatives and learn about product selection and their applications in the market. Participants are encouraged to come prepared with questions in this open discussion format.
  • Oct. 12: Technical Roundtable: Passive Fire Resistive Gypsum Systems
    This roundtable will discuss the typical fire rated systems for commercial and multifamily residential construction. Bring your field questions for an open forum discussion.
  • Oct. 20 Specifier Roundtable: Delegated Design in Specifications
    This month we will be discussing the role of the specifications in the definition and administration of delegated design portions of construction contracts. The discussion will focus on which portions of work delegated design is commonly assigned in construction, effective practices for defining and administering delegated design, and how delegated design assigns liability for the completed work.
  • Oct. 21 Industry Roundtable: Mindful MATERIALS
    The mindful MATERIALS labeling program was originally developed as a practical means to incorporate transparency information into designers' everyday work process, providing easy-to-access product ingredient information where designers search for it most often: on resource library shelves. It includes a sticker label for material binders that, at first-glance, can save designers hours of search time for individual material components and product certifications. On the back-end, it is also a growing database of vetted building product information.
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