CDT Study Class Scholarship

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CDT Scholarships are available to emerging professionals within the following guidelines:

  1. Interest in the technical development of project documents for the construction industry
  2. Must be an emerging professional with less than ten years of experience in your field
  3. Must make a one-year commitment to participating in a CSI committee of your choice
  4. Not more than one scholarship will be available to employees of a single firm per year

The scholarship will cover the following items:

  1. CSI Chicago membership fee for one year
  2. Cost of Chicago Chapter CDT class
  3. Cost of Project Delivery Practice Guide
  4. Spring CDT exam cost will be reimbursed upon passing (Spring exam reimbursement must be for the exam immediately following the class)

You can apply for this scholarship by sending an email to including:

  • name
  • address
  • company
  • discipline
  • years of experience in your field
  • brief statement explaining why you are interested in becoming a CDT
  • indication of which committee(s) you are interested in being involved with

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