Chicago Chapter CDT Exam Study Class

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CDT Exam Study Class Overview

Details pertaining to the next upcoming class, scholarship opportunities, and class sponsorship can be found here:

2017 Spring CDT Exam Study Class >>>

In preparation for the Spring CDT Exam, the Chicago Chapter conducts a CDT study classes starting in early January and running 11 consecutive weeks.

  • Each class will be taught by experienced professionals. These classes are in preparation for the CDT Certification exam, although the classes may also be valuable for those interested in the knowledge and skills gained. 

  • Class size is limited. Study class participants will be provided with information on each session,  weekly quizzes on the current material and a mock exam on the last day of the class.

  • Participants do not need to register for the exam, although the passing the exam is a highly regarded certification throughout the design and construction industry.

  • This highly recommended class has been given by the Chicago Chapter of CSI for over 20 years.  Participants who have benefited include architects, engineers, contractors, contract administrators, manufacturer representatives, specifiers, and all others concerned with preparing, enforcing, interpreting or managing any aspect of construction documentation.  

Continuing Education:
Attendance of CDT study classes earns 15.0 AIA/CES/HSW LU’s. Interns whether or not employed in a qualified work setting, may earn training hours for passing the CDT, CCPR, CCS, or CCCA.

The CDT exam is based on Project Delivery Practice Guide and other source materials.

Attendees are responsible for ordering the source materials to have the first day of class.  You may pre-order the Practice Guide from the chapter before the pre-order deadline and it will be delivered the first day of class or order directly from the Institute store independently.

Cost of class does not include exam re
gistration, which must be made through the Institute. Other Source Materials are needed and must be obtained by the class attendee.

  Member*   Non Member    Order Through
CDT Study Class only  $150  $300 Chicago Chapter
Project Delivery Practice Guide**  $75  $90 Chicago Chapter (Preorder) or Institute
CDT Exam

    See Institute website for pricing information

*Member rate is for attendees who are C
SI members of the Chicago or Northern Illinois chapters.  CSI members who do not belong to one of these chapters are considered nonmembers for this class.

**Pre-ordered Project Delivery Practice Guide must be ordered by pre-order deadline and paid with registration. It will be delivered the first day of class.

Chicago CSI - CDT Prep Class- Topics By Class

Week 1- Introduction to CSI and the Chicago Chapter CDT Prep Class
This session will introduce the course and expectations.  It will also inform the group about the resources available and the history of CSI in the industry. 

Week 2- Fundamentals
                This session introduces the contractual relationships between the Owner Team, Designer Team, Contractor Team, and Supplier Team.  The impact of Life Cycle on design and budget considerations is explained.   CSI’s organization classes of Omni Class, Uni Format, and Master Format are defined and their impact on the preparation of construction documents is clarified.     

Week 3- Planning & Delivery/ Design
                This session covers the activities required pre-design through the different phases of the design process.  Mainly focused on the A/E, the responsibilities of each member of the project team are clearly enumerated in relation to the design work.    

Week 4- Construction Documents 1&2
                This session introduces the forms commonly used throughout the construction process.  The proper flow of construction documentation is explained as well as the interdependence of contract documents.  

Week 5- Construction Documents 3
                This session defines the different methods of specifying project solutions.  It also establishes proper language and organization of written specifications and their correlation to drawings and other project documents. 

Week 6- Procurement
               This session focuses on the methods for proper procurement.  It explains the process, terminology, and considerations for appropriate pricing.  Addenda are addressed in terms of their effect on the contract.

Week 7- Construction 1
               This session explains the proper utilization of submittals throughout the construction process.  It also identifies the conditions of the construction contract and proper contract modification methods.  It further explains the roles and responsibilities of project team members throughout the construction process.

Week 8- Construction 2
               This session clarifies proper contractual application throughout construction in terms of claims and disputes, correction of work, and payments.  

Week 9- Post-Construction
                   This session explains the responsibilities of the Facility Manager after substantial completion of a project.  It explores the processes of commissioning and clearly defines the processes that move a building into its designed purpose.

Week 10- AIA A201
                  This session directly reviews the AIA A201 Document which is the basis of a large majority of construction agreements.  

Week 11- Practice Exam
                  The class is solely set aside for the practice exam that is prepared by the Chicago CSI Chapter.  It is a full 100 question exam that will present the concepts covered in the actual CDT exam.

Attendees are welcome to bring a snack or meal during the class.


If you are a nonmember, consider joining the Chicago or Northern Illinois chapter. In addition to saving a total of over $280 on the class & exam you will be benefiting from the networking and educational opportunities of membership.


Questions about the CSI Chicago Study Class?

Contact: Dan Smith, CSI, CCPR or Larry Nordin, CSI, CCS, AIA
Certification Co-Chairs of the Chicago Chapter

Thank you to our class sponsors of 2017!



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