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CSI Chicago Presents Scholarship Awards to IIT Student

Somin Lee of Illinois Institute of Technology was the recipient of this year's CSI Chicago Design Scholarship for her project for the Obama Presidential Library.

Applicants for the scholarship were tasked with creating a text narrative of their design process, and how different factors influenced their material choices in regards to the building envelope. This pushed the students to dig deeper into issues of system design and how those decisions can impact aesthetics as well as building function.

This year's award was sponsored by SJ Mallein, Co


Somin Lee

I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 and I lived there for 21 years. My father was an architect and inspired me to go to architecture school. I tried to envision space, people, and architecture at an early age when I was listening to him teach me. I attended Ajou University in South Korea and it was there that I realized that design is much more fascinating than I expected because the art itself is very refined.

 When I was an architectural intern, I was involved in a hotel project hosted by Samoo Architects and Engineers. I have also worked at Daewoo Engineering and Construction as an architecture student ambassador. This opportunity allowed me to participate in communicating with a variety of different architectural companies and to know intimate details of how to refine a piece of architecture. Through this experience, I learned how to effectively communicate, and collaborate with my coworkers while also improving my presentation skills.


Transferring to Illinois Institute of Technology was a crucial decision in my life. After studying at Ajou for two and a half years, I became aware of a dual degree program with IIT School of Architecture. I decided to enroll in the Fall of 2015. It was difficult when I first came to Chicago with the language barrier and harsh weathers. During my time at IIT I hope to know and grow my knowledge in architecture while studying in the city of Chicago. There is great opportunities at IIT and I cannot wait to grow and learn. I am expected to graduate in May of 2018 from the IIT School of Architecture with a dual degree.

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