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Michael DeRouin, CSI, CCCA
FitzGerald Associates
President July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

June 2012

As I reflect back on this year, I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work and dedication to make our Chapter so successful!  The year went so quickly that I can hardly believe that it’s time to pass the gavel on to Pete! 
This year brought many highlights and successes including:

  • Hosting Construct 2011
  • Welcoming 40 new members, more than any other Chapter!
  • Celebrating 18 member Anniversaries of 20 or more years in the Chapter!
  • Seven Past Presidents attending our Awards Banquet
  • Six great Chapter Meeting presentations including a building tour
  • 12 interactive Chapter Roundtable discussions on topics facing our industry
  • An architectural river tour during Construct
  • The 9th Annual Building Envelope Event with Vince Cammarelli
  • The 2011 and 2012 Golf Outings
  • The 2nd Annual Trivia night for new members
  • Annual Holiday Party and Benefit for the Chicago Food Depository
  • Nine instructors leading over 30 students through the CDT Study Class and nearly all passing the exam!

 The dedication of our members to provide such excellent programing and value to our membership is unique and highly laudable.  Thank you, Dewain, Fernando, Jeff, Patrick, Stuart, Tabitha, Dan, Larry, Pete, Michael, Randy, Howard, Alan, Kristin, Scott, Mari, Joseph, Kurt, Dean, Susan, Deborah, Holly, Brett, Michelle, Peter, James, Lance, and Pete and our corporate sponsors – Sherry Kaye at Hafele, Mari Anne Wohfeil at Daltile, Solomon Cordwell Buenz, Cannon Design, DuPont Tyvek Parksite and Mapei.

 A special Thank you to:

  • Rookie of the Year Elias Saltz for his enthusiasm and efforts with the Membership and Technical Committees
  • Valuable Veteran Kurt Moehlmann, for your valuable input, active participation and creative recycled contributions to the Chapter
  • MVP James Saxton for your creative efforts and enthusiasm in Planning and Organizing Greener-By-Design with the USGBC-Illinois
  • Larry Nordin for your ideas and energy enhancing our Chapter Programs
  • Deborah Burkhart for skillfully (and continually) managing and explaining our Chapter finances
  • John Birrazzi for supporting the Chapter’s Mission planning and organizing the Building Envelope Program
  • Susan Heersema for supporting the Membership Committee through your active participation
  • Alan Itzkowitz for significant dedication and contribution of time and talent in organizing and executing the Chapter’s Certification Study Class
  • Peter Dinschel for significant contributions of time, knowledge and experience as Construct 2011 Host Booth Volunteer Chair and supporting the Construct 2011 Committee
  • Randy Chapple for significant contributions of time, knowledge and experience as Construct 2011 Host Chapter Chair and By-Laws Chair
  • 2012 Chapter Fellow Renee Doktorczyk for extreme contributions of time, technical knowledge, mentoring and sharing your vision and expertise with CSI members and colleagues throughout the building community.

 I am humbled, impressed and in awe of all the contributions you have made to the Chapter and building community.  I value our friendships and appreciate all that you did to make this year special.

 Thank you,
Michael DeRouin, CSI, CCCA

PS – Good luck Pete, we’re here to make your year as easy and successful!
PSS –Mark your calendars for our fall lineup!

 August 21st, Life Cycle Assessement, Rik Masters

October 4th, Greener-By-Design Conference and Expo

October 23rd, Lean Construction

November 13, Passive Haus

Enjoy your summer! 

 March 2012
First, my humble apologies for not writing to you, the Chicago Chapter membership, the past four months.  There’s no good reason and as it was pointed out to me, the lack of a Presidents Letter keeps the membership in the dark about the Chapter’s activities!

 A quick recap to bring everyone up to speed before looking ahead to 2012!

 In November, we had a great meeting and discussion lead by Renee Doktorczyk, President of ArchiTech Consulting, Inc. regarding The Four W’s of Division 01!  Renee explained the who, what, why and when of this often overlooked and misunderstood Section.  A big thanks to Hafele for hosting the meeting!

 In December, our annual holiday party at Quay Chicago was another great time to get to know each other in a much more relaxed setting.  This year’s raffle winners were well distributed, no one ran away with the entire prize table!  The beneficiary of our party, the Greater Chicago Food Depository, was delivered a check for $550.00!  Thank you to all who came and supported those who need help providing food for their families! 

Thank you to Kristin Henriksen for organizing the party!

 In January, we started the year with a pointed discussion about the BIM revolution lead by Jim Schrader, BIM Manager, Power Construction and Paul Aubin, Paul Aubin Consulting Services.  The discussion centered on the different BIM uses from designer to contractor to achieve mutual goals.

Now in February, we just concluded the 9th Annual Building Envelope Event, a breakfast at Maggiano’s in Chicago and a dinner at Meridian Banquets in Rolling Meadows.  This year’s guest speaker was Vince Cammelleri from Simpson, Gumphertz and Heger.  Vince is a Senior Principal and leads the Building Science Practice Group.  His engaging speech provided all with insights about heat, air and vapor flow that must be considered when designing the building envelope.  A special thanks to Parksite/DuPont Tyvek for sponsoring the event for the past nine years!

 And now back to the future!

 Our Certification classes are in full swing.  Alan Itzkowitz and his guest speakers are leading about 30 students through the CDT Study Class.  Good luck to all on your exam next month.

 Our Roundtables, Technical and Industry, continue each month to provide in depth discussions about current issues that we’re all facing. 

 We are considering a revival of the Specifier’s Roundtable.  This Roundtable hasn’t occurred in some years and is needed to educate our young professionals on the merits and critical thinking needed to write clear, concise, correct and complete specifications.  Image a room where you can tap into the minds of the spec writer of many major firms in Chicago!  If you’re interested, please let us know as we’re looking to kick off this third roundtable this year.

 Greener by Design will be held on October 4, 2012!  This is our first conference and expo that we are jointly sponsoring with USGBC Illinois.  It will be held at the Carpenter’s Training Center in Elk Grove Village and will feature over 80 exhibitors, 7 GBCI learning credits and 6 AIA learning credits!  See, launched this week, for more details!

 Even though I may not have written to you these past few months, the Chapter is very active and providing the quality programs that you’re accustom to expecting from CSI.  We offer so much to our members, please spread the word about our Chapter, and invite a colleague to join you at a meeting, or share an article from The Construction Specifier.  The next few months will offer much more a great program on concrete, a building tour and chances to network with friends and colleagues.  Please join us.  I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

February, 2012
No President's letter

January, 2012
No President's letter

December, 2011
No President's letter

November, 2011
No President's letter

October, 2011
CONSTRUCT is over!  It’s hard to believe that with all of the planning of the last 16 months, the show is over is a few fast paced days!  Many thanks to all of our volunteers that staffed the Host booth, voter registration, handing out ribbons, proctoring the education sessions, and being there to assist in so many ways!  I want to especially thank a few leaders.

• Randy Chapple, for chairing the Host Committee and organizing all our Chapter’s efforts;
• Renee Doktorczyk, for setting up the Volunteer Spot web site, making sure that all of our volunteers were where they needed to be at the right time and for personally overseeing each day;
• Larry Nordin and Alan Itzkowitz, for organizing our Student Scavenger Hunt, aka Chicago Discovery Challenge;
• Peter Dinschel, Northern Illinois Chapter President for organizing the host chapter volunteers, keeping on top of all the locations, and his countless hours at the booth.
• All the the CSI Sponsors for making this great river cruise possible, with a sellout of 150 and 32 states represented.
• All of sponsors of the  Chicago Discovery Challenge Student Event
• Peter Kovacik for passing the Panic Whistle to Phoenix Chapter for me!

It was great to see so many faces from our Chapter, especially those that don’t make it to our monthly Chapter Meetings.  I hope that everyone had time to learn something new, rekindle old friendships, and share our great city with our guests.  I am very grateful to everyone in the Chapter that showed up to make CONSTRUCT a success.  You make it fun to be President because I can count on everyone of you to do your part to make our Chapter run smoothly!  Thank you!

Now it’s time for our Chapter monthly events to start and for us to move on!  This month features our first month of programming around a single topic, Accessibility.  Our Chapter Meeting features a look at the changes to ADA that were issued in ADA 2010.  The Roundtables featured discussions about automatic doors and being a trusted advisor.  Both were well attended and had some great discussions.

Looking forward to October, the month topic is Sustainability.  The Roundtables will feature discussions on a comparison of various green rating systems and how manufacturers can assist with LEED documentation.  The Chapter Meeting, on October 25th will feature Peter Locke and John Breidenbach discussing financing incentives and options for sustainable projects.  Their presentation will unveil many options to assist owners in funding sustainability features in their buildings. 

With all of the knowledge exchange and networking opportunities, CSI is the best kept secret!  We offer so much to our members, please spread the word about our Chapter, invite a colleague to join you at a meeting, or share an article from The Construction Specifier.  I’m excited to welcome our new members that joined during CONSTRUCT.  You made a wise decision to join and I look forward to meeting each of you at our upcoming meetings.

September, 2011
No President's Letter

August, 2011
Summer is whisking by so quickly that I hope you've all had time to enjoy the warm (hot!) weather in the city, a family vacation, or some time to read a good book.    I've had time to camp, visit with old friends and read a fascinating book, The Physics of the Future by Dr. Michio Kaku.  Dr. Kaku describes the fantastic possibilities for the near future, the next century, in science, computers, medicine, and space.  The changes he describes about how our lives will change is based on interviews with hundreds of scientists and researchers that are working on amazing advances right now.  Think about how much change has occurred in your lifetime, or since the turn of the 19th century.  Consider how fast technology has changed in the first decade of the 21st Century.  It's that pace of change and advanced use of technology that will continue to create change in all aspects of our lives.  The rapid pace of technological advancement is bringing about a revolution in the AEC industry that hasn't been seen since animals were replaced by machines to lift heavy objects to the tops of buildings.

I challenge all of our members to consider how CSI can change to better serve each other and the industry.  What events have you attended in the past year?  Have joined a  Committee?  Are you planning to attend Construct in September at McCormick Place?  Have reached out to a colleague and encouraged them to join CSI?

This year we are considering many changes to our Programing and Events that need your input so that we continue to provide the education and networking that have come to be expected.  Plans for the upcoming year still need your involvement to make them successful.  Please contact me or anyone on the Board or Committee Chair to find out how you can help make this another great year for Chicago CSI.


July, 2011

Happy Summer!


It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and it’s time for another year of new programming.  Before sharing some of the future visions, it’s important to acknowledge and thank those that made another outstanding year for our Chapter.  First to Michael Kipley, for providing leadership and the vision to see beyond his one year as President and instill in everyone on the Board a sense of long term planning.  Our programming and roundtables once again provided excellent forums for learning and debate, thanks to Fernando Araujo, Larry Nordin and Howard Jancy for their leadership.  Thanks to Tabitha Ruiz and Kristin Henriksen for their outstanding efforts to make CSI fun!  The wine tasting night, trivia night, holiday party and annual banquet wouldn’t be successful and highly entertaining without your hard work. I’d also like to especially thank Cathy Beazley for all of the work that she puts into running the day to day business of the Chapter.  Without her, we won’t be able to accomplish as much as we do.  Thank you.

It’s a tremendous responsibility to be your President this year and I’m honored that you have the confidence in me to lead the Chapter.  The programs, networking and knowledge sharing that we provide cannot be accomplished without a lot of help.  It’s the Board and Committee Chairs that really make this Chapter outstanding.  I would like to welcome my Board – Michael Kipley, Pete Kovacik, Larry Nordin, Holly Hirsch, Deb Burkhart, Dan Smith, Fernando Araujo, Stuart Berger, Susan Heersema, Pat Duffy, Jeff Tolle, Dewain Peterson and Tabitha Ruiz. 

I’d also like to welcome the Committee Chairs that put forth so much effort to make all of events happen!  Nolan Day, North Central Region Director; Alan Itzkowitz, Certification Chair, Larry Nordin, Programs, John Birazzi, Professional Roundtable, Michelle Goodeve, Industry Roundtable, Kristin Henriksen, Social Chair, Peter Grotenhuis, Student Affiliate Chair, Jim Kreps, Technical Chair, and Randy Chapple, Communications and Construct 2011 Chair.  I look forward to working with you to make this a very successful year!

Your new Board is hard at work planning a new exciting year of learning and networking opportunities for you, our membership!  We just finished a second planning session for the upcoming year and beyond and I’m excited about the plans we have made.

The Technical Committee is reconstructed and has set new goals for themselves and our Chapter.  The goals are:

• Goal:  Develop a uniform approach to the various methods of delivering technical information to membership. Newsletter Articles, etc.

• Goal:  Enhance the quality of technical content contained in articles or subjects/topics submitted to the chapter newsletter or website. 

• Goal:  Provide an introduction of CSI and the specification process to the “next generation” of architects and engineers.  On-site lectures to younger emerging professionals.

With these new goals and their oversight of all programming, we’re working to establish monthly themes that will start with an article in the newsletter introducing the topic, followed by a general discussion at our monthly meeting and followed up with detailed discussions at the Professional and Industry Roundtables. 

We are considering an expansion of the Building Envelope program in February to provide additional education and product exchange opportunities.

We’re going to continue to strive to find opportunities to expand our membership to students, emerging professionals, engineers and contractors.  Please invite a guest to a meeting that would interest them and show them the benefits of CSI membership. 

These are plans that we can build upon as we strive to provide you with the best value for your membership.  We need your feedback to ensure that we’re making good decisions.  Please share your thoughts with any Board member, directly with me or complete the surveys we issue after each chapter meeting.  It’s important that we hear from you. 

More importantly, get involved!  When I first joined CSI, I was told, the more involved you get in the organization, the more you’ll get out of your membership.  The friends that I’ve made are people that I can count on when looking for help with a problem, information about any topic or advice about leadership.  Get involved, I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied!

From September 13th – 16th, we will play host to the 55th Annual CSI Convention, Construct 2011, at McCormick Place!  We need volunteers to assist with many tasks.  There is a special volunteer registration tool that has been set up to sign up for a slot or two that might be of interest. Just click below to add your name—it is easy!

If you have questions, email Renee Doktorczyk, CSI, CCS, SCIP, AIA, Principal of ArchiTech Consulting as she is coordinating our volunteers.
 Don’t forget to register for the show at  The early bird discounts end, August 11, 2011 and registration for the Exhibit Hall is complimentary through that time.

In conjunctions with the CSI Convention, there will be a Architecture Boat Cruise hosted by the Chicago Chapter for Construct attendees.  Thank you to the firms who have already committed to sponsorship of this event, and more are needed.  Information is on the website or call the chapter at 847-382-1924.

Chapter members are also welcome at this event.  However, you must be registered for either a seminar package or exhibit hall to attend.

I’m excited to serve this year as your President.  We have a great Board and Committee Chairs that I trust will make this a very memorable year for all of us! 

Learn more!